Maggie Chong


氏名 Maggie Chong
レベル区分 レベル1
何期生 3期生
活動エリア(県) Shanghai, China
+86 13916581520

Facebook:  Maggie Chong

The Orange Room, in Shanghai, China.



Maggie is an avid dancer since she was 3 years old. Throughout her long and successful career in the semiconductor industry, Maggie had never given up practicing dance – from Ballet in Hong Kong, to Classical Chinese dance in the US, to Ballroom dancing in China. In recent years, Maggie has been active in international dance competitions.




MaMaggie was introduced to Pilates over a decade ago, which played a pivotal role in her dance injury rehabilitation.
Since then, she has practiced Pilates to increase her core strength, balance and coordination to meet the high physical demands of dance practice and competitions.

Most importantly, Pilates has helped her prevent and rehabilitate injury. In addition, she is the only Franklin Method® teacher in China, and has been trained directly with Eric Franklin, founder of the International Franklin Method.

With her experience in dance, Pilates and powerful imagery from the Franklin Method, Maggie brings to her dance-based classes the beneficial principles of Pilates, providing a safe and effective practice, and preventing injury.

In her Pilates classes she focuses on helping clients improve the posture, ease office syndrome and enhance athletic or dance performance.

Maggie is from the US. She speaks English, Chinese and Cantonese.